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Ok, so if you search for tags that have to do with Ocean Pollution, you will find a lot of interesting information. I think this is a big problem and we can fix it!!


We Need Your Help!!!!

 We need your help to try and stop ocean pollution! Ocean pollution is a big problem and you can stop it. On, this page you can find a lot of pictures of animals that need your help. We also post things about how you can help. Please explore our page!


Ocean Pollution

For more information on Ocean Pollution, visit http://vwordpress.stmarys-ca.edu/mjalbertoni/about/


How Can You Help With Marine Pollution?

Marine Pollution Is Big, And Only Getting Bigger. But How Can You Help Without Actually Going Out To Sea? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Help.

1. Recycle! The Main Factor Of Ocean Pollution Is Dumping Of Trash. Ever Heard Of Great Pacific Garbage Patch? It’s A Big Landfill In The Pacific And Atlantic. By Recycling, You Can Reduce The Amount Of Trash That Is Released Into The Waters.

2. Pick Up Trash! You’re Walking Along The Road Finishing Up That Candy Bar, And Can’t Help But Want To Just Toss That Wrapper By A Bush. Wait! Just Throw It In The Trash. Even If It Isn’t Always Yours, Just Toss It In The Trash. You’re Doing The Ocean And Earth A Big Favor.

3. Join A Group! We’ve Posted A Few Marine Preservation Groups, But There Are Plenty More! Donate, And Give Back! Trust, It’s For A Good Cause!

4. Get Your Community To Help! Like To Talk? Organize A Community Meeting And Tell People About The Ocean! Create A Group Cleanup At The Beach, And Go Get Ice Cream Afterwards!

Let Everyone Know!


The Average United States Citizen Will Throw Away About 185 Pounds Of Plastic A Year. Plastic Takes Hundreds Of Years To Break Down, And Is What Almost 90% Of What Ocean Pollution Is Made Of.

How Can You Help? You Can Use Biodegradable And Reusable Bags When You Go Shopping. Also Recycle!


About 20% Of Water Pollution Comes From Ships Both Purposely and Accidentally Dumping Waste And Cargo Into Our Oceans And Seas.


There Is An Estimated Over 3.5 Million Tons Of Trash In The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Eliminate Some Of The Waste By Recycling And Using Reusable Items.


80% Of Ocean Pollution Comes From Land Based Activities.

More Infromation: http://www.ypte.org.uk/environmental/sea-pollution/36